This is not me at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

This Is Not Me, Czech-Slovakia co-production will be screened in Documentary Competition at this year’s Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.



Slovak film unique. Director Miro Remo premieres two new films in three days!

The young director from an industrial village Ladce (called L.A. in Slovakia) premieres this weekend its two long-awaited movies he worked for several years. Musical-documentary movie of a man who stopped drinking to begin again to live Vrbovian wind a feature film from the prison Comeback about recidivists trapped in a vicious circle.


Arsy-Versy award

Twenty-two international awards for Arsy-Versy within eight months.

The list of all foreign awards and links to the festivals until the July of 31. 2010. This list does't include awards of domestic slovak film festivals.


Message from Kustendorf Film Festival

Seated at the computer, I was flicking through my inbox when a message from Nana K displayed... inquiring whether I would make an appearance at the festival in Serbia. It took me awhile to reconsider that, my first answer being no as I didn’t feel like going anywhere. Well, it had just been a tedious week. Then I realized who the invitation was coming from, the sender being Nana Kusturica herself J The opportunity to present Arsy-Versy to Emir Kusturica along with his guest for this year, Johnny Depp, was convincing enough.


First award for ARSY-VERSY

ARSY-VERSY has won its first award. Coming from kinema.sk, the prize was part of Acko 2009, a local student film festival. The pre-selection jury made up of Marcela Plitkova, Jaroslav Vojtek and Jana Janovie rejected the film before the nomination round. It was only after the film, which meanwhile became an international succes, was seen by a wider audience that support was garnered and on the strength of it, pushed through, and given credit in the hot seat of its native country.