Miro Remo: I like films that are powerfull (copy 1)

Slovak director Miro Remo sat down with Tomáš Hučko of DOKO to talk about his latest documentary film and his approach to filmmaking. Since its release in October 2009, Remo's Arsy-Versy has been picking up awards at film festivals around the world, with late April screenings scheduled at the San Francisco IFF and Hot Docs.



Having coffee with Miro Remo

Arsy-Versy is presented by IFF Bratislava together with the film of Zuza Piussi Hero of Our Times. This documentary film, however, would stand its ground even alone, which is also confirmed by the record number of awards for a student film granted at festivals abroad (Munich, Tallinn, Sheffield, Jihlava, Uppsala, Plock). We talked with the director about the contemporary student and professional film production in Slovakia, Miro Remo, whose protagonist looks at life from a bit different perspective from ordinary people.


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