documentary, 14 min, premiere:

Cold relationships make part of our lives. Called „ill emotions“ these days. Of all creatures, children alone seem to be spared the illness despite being exposed to it on a daily basis. Apparently, ill emotions are omnipresent. Acting just like any regular lethal disease, this illness takes its time. Piling up in parents‘ souls, little by little it searches its way to break through the child’s immunity until they find themselves absorbed in the world controlled by cold, ill-functioning joints, relationships in fact. The main protagonist is an eleven year old girl born to a low-class family. Raised in the harsh conditions of industrial ambiance, the little girl eventually comes to terms with the grave emotional condition her family is faced with.

Directed by: Miro Remo 
Director of photography: Mário Ondriš 
Edit: Rišo Chomo, Jakub Fišer, Miro Remo 
Music: Bjork 
Sound: Tobiáš Potočný 
Production: Peter Dabač 
Supervision: Vlado Balco, Ingrid Mayerová 
Assistant director: Juraj Ištvánik 




Premio Le Mura d'Oro Award
7th International Art Film Festival, Bergamo, Italy (20. 6. - 28. 6. 2008)

Best Sound Prize
7th International Student Short Film Festival „Amirani", Tbilisi, Georgia (12.- 16. 6.2008)

Grand Prix
Áčko 2008 - Best slovak student film.

The best director of photography of student's movies
Mário Ondriš - Association of slovak directors of photography.


Seminary of new Slovak films and exposition of film posters
Budapest, Hungary (13. – 15.11.2007)

9th International Film Festival
Bratislava, Slovakia (30.11. – 7.12.2007)

38th Tampere International Short Film Festival
Tampere, Finland (5. – 9. 3. 2008)

21th Festival of Czech Film Finale Plzeň
Czech republic (21. – 27. 4.2008)

17th Youthmediafestival
Berlin, Germany (21. – 25. 5.2008)

5th International Film Festival Amsterdam Shorts
Amsterdam, Netherlands (28.5. – 1.6.2008)

7th International Student Short Film Festival „Amirani“
Tbilisi, Georgia (12. – 16.6.2008)

7th International Art Film Festival
Bergamo, Italy (20.6. – 28. 6.2008)

Filmmaking School´s Meeting and Competition
Mexico City, Mexico (24.6.- 1.7. 2008)

16th International Film Festival ARTFILM
Trenčianske Teplice, Slovakia (27.6. – 6.7.2008)

IFF Eco-Etno-Folk
Slatioara, Valcea Country, Romania (2. – 7.9.2008)

2nd RomaFictionFest
Rome, Italy (7. – 12.7.2008)

15. Festival Etnofilm Čadca
Čadca, Slovenská republika (23. – 27.9.2008)

48th International Competitive Festival Of Short Fiction Films „The Brno Sixteen“
Brno, Czech republic (15. – 19. 10.2008)

World Student Film Festival „Young Cinema Art“
Warshaw, Poland (23.-25. 10.2008)

22nd Leeds International Film Festival
Leeds, Great Britain (4. – 16.11. 2008)

25th Kassel Documentary and Video Festival
Kassel, Germany (11. – 16. 11.2008)

28th Munich International Festival of Film Schools
Munich, Germany (16. – 22.11.2008)

3rd International Student Short Film Film Festival
Beyrouth, Libanon (8. – 11.12. 2008)

European Festival of Film Schools
Bologna, Italy (19. – 22.2.2009)

New York International Children's Film Festival (NYICFF)
New York, USA (27.2. – 15.3.2009)

Vienna Film Academy Film Festival 2009
Vienna, Austria (4. – 8.3.2009)

49th Krakow Film Festival
Krakow, Poland (29.5. – 4.6.2009)