TV documentary, 26 minutes, premiere:

Family or carreer? What is the purpose of a family nowadays? How does the new phenomena affect it? Many more questions are asked throughtout a TV documentary (26 min), which is part of a TV series Colnica / The Customs. The film is a reflexion taken by a Ladce-based family of eleven, the Ježos, contemplating the family as the basic social model. The father’s hobby provides plenty of materials from the family archive, documenting the ever-growing number of family members. Their individual worldviews form a unique in-family cross-generational picture of how family-related topics on love, life and faith are perceived.

Directed by: Miro Remo   
Director of photography: Jaro Vaľko, Ľubomír Ježo st.   
Screenplay: Miro Remo  
Edit: Marek Kráľovský  
Sound: Igor Baar  
Production: Furiafilm+, Kontrafilm, ČT, RTVS  
Supervision: Marek Leščák  
Assistant director: Marek Kučera  
Sound assistant: Jaro Hlísta, Matej Hlaváč  
Cast: Ľubomír Ježo st., Mária Ježová st., Viera Ježová, Marek Ježo, Ľubomír Ježo, Matúš Ježo, Mária Ježová, Oľga Ježová, Jana Ježová, Kristína Ježová, Ľudmila Ježová