documentary, 28 minutes, premiere:

Part of a TV series on Slovak photographers, this documentary film depicts the comeback of Slovakia’s major photo artist. A local patriot from Réca (Slovakia), Tibor Huszár moved back to Paris, a city he was bound to leave earlier in order to recover. The film documents him in the process of making photographs for his upcoming book. Paris city strolls provide an array of opportunities for studying the play of light and shade, which became the centre-stage of his work after recovery. The artist’s charms, allure and vigour speak volumes; the one and only Tibor Huszár is back. Tibor Huszár passed away shortly upon completing the documentary.

Directed by: Miro Remo  
Director of photography: Jaro Vaľko  
Screenplay: Miro Remo 
Edit: Marek Kráľovský 
Music: Miro Tóth, David Kollar 
Sound: Lukáš Kasprzyk, Tobias Potočný 
Production: Sentimentalfilm a RTVS 
Assistant director: Veronika Mareková 
Cast: Tibor Huszár 


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Opens external link in new windowArtfilmfest 2012, Trenčianske teplice, Slovakia
(16.– 23.06.2012)

Opens external link in new window14. International film festival Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia
(9.– 15.11.2012)