Slovak film unique. Director Miro Remo premieres two new films in three days!

The young director from an industrial village Ladce (called L.A. in Slovakia) premieres this weekend its two long-awaited movies he worked for several years. Musical-documentary movie of a man who stopped drinking to begin again to live Vrbovian wind a feature film from the prison Comeback about recidivists trapped in a vicious circle.

Miro remo was recorded in the slovak film history of film ARSY-VERSY, which still holds the status the most awarded Slovak films abroad. So far won 36 international prices. Miro is also the author of the film about famous music festival Pohoda, And the music is also a major part of his new movie Vrbovian wind. Two years he recorded of multimedia festival Vrbovian Winds and also the autobiographical story of Brano Jobus, a musician, writer and father of the festival.

„After the film ARSY-VERSY I was looking for similar "freak" who are watching the world differently. Then I met Brano and I knew that it's him. Man, which I want to make my another film.  Very impressed me by his lifestyle, appearance, manifestation. Brano is a super hero for the movie."revealed Miro Remo, while adding: "This film has a clear message. Breadth of good, act freely and you will better at all. Will be free only when you become yourself. Although it sounds awkward, it's what we wanted to get there." 

Nakrúcanie filmu Vrbovský Veter

In the film, in addition to Brano introduce his brother Andrew, nicknamed Mr.Brother, which specializes in the production of unique musical instruments, which have become an integral part of their unmistakable industrial folklore. All instruments with original names such as Six meters long Druzhba pipeline, Brainsucker Bagpipes and FTHCDFV - Furious Three-Headed Carpathian Dragon From Vrbove. Or ZKTDZV (Dual Motor Independently Standing Dependently Horizontal Moving Industrial Thunderclap) which is made only by combination of plastic tubes, pipes, hoses, plastic bottles and old vacuum cleaners.

"I'm glad the film was made. For me it is a huge pleasure, something new. Another dream come true and the next film step in my life. The music which we do for a years is interesting, but the moving images has more power, "revealed the main actor of the film Vrbovian wind, Brano Jobus.

The premiere of the film, which will feature music artists Carpathian ridges, Chiki Liki here-what's up, Live flowers, Steam, Mňága & Žďorp, Michal Kocáb, David Koller and others will be held on 4 July in the central square in Vrbove after 21 hour attended major heroes and authors of the film. Two days later will Miro move to Carlsbad, where in the documentary competition at the 49th International Film Festival premieres his first feature film titled Comeback.

"We decided to make a film about the long-term prisoners. We followed their lives locked up in prison, we investigated the situation after release. The film tells the stories of two of them who were willing to cooperate. I remember how we disguise as prisoners first entered into the cell to collect material. I was ashamed for my prejudices. At the same time I was fascinated by space into which we penetrated. With our protagonists we began to discover, work together with respect. Gradually we have established a relationship. I think that is why the film is not just a report on the phenomenon of relapse, but also a trip to somewhere, "approached the film Miro Remo.

Film Comeback gets in Slovak cinemas this autumn. Film Vrbovian wind will be part of the new album of Vrbovian winners band - Industrial folklore and baptized with the new book Brano Jobus - I'm nothing, I'm a musician at the festival Vrbovian Winds. This box CD and DVD will include a variety of video clips and samples of all musical instruments, industrial folklore Lord's brother.

Author: Marek Kučera
English translation: Miro Remo with help of Google translator.