all photosTHIS IS NOT ME

Photos from movie about singer Richard Muller: This in not me.
More info about movie:

all photosCOMEBACK

Photos from my first feature documentary COMEBACK about recidivists in vicious circle.


Photos from the movie VRBOVIAN WIND about Vrbovian genius Brano Jobus who stopped drinking to begin to live again.


Photos from movie JEEPERS CREEPERS, from the TV serie called THE CUSTOMS about ten-member family from Slovakia on the subject of family as the basic model of society.

all photosSLOVAK CINEMA: Fear and Thrill

Photos from the shoot mid-length documentary film about fear and tension in the Slovak film from the cycle of Slovak cinema.
PHOTO: Jaro Vaľko


Photos from the filming of a TV documentary film about famous slovak photographer Tibor Huszar in Paris in spring 2012.
FOTO: Jaro Vaľko


Photos from the shooting on most famous slovak festival POHODA, summer of 2010.
Photo: Jaro Vaľko, Mário Ondriš, Ivo Miko

all photos8MM BOYS

Photos from filming television documentary about the film amateurs film called 8MM BOYS. It is one of the seven TV parts of Canned cycle time serie.
Photo: Jaro Vaľko and screenshots from the movie.

all photosARSY-VERSY - Kustendorf film festival

Pics from the Serbian Kustendorf festival organized by Emir Kusturica himself. It was attended by Johny Depp whom I presented with a gift DVD of my film. Back at the festival, Arsy-Versy had to put up with rather strong international competition. We might have left prize-less but richer for the experience of a week spent in this Serbian village on top of a hill. FOTO: Miro Remo

all photosARSY-VERSY on the East

ARSY-VERSY at Kosice and Presov screening, early January 2010.

FOTO: Jaro Vaľko

all photosARSY-VERSY shooting

A handful of pictures from the spot as seen by ARSY-VERSY director of photography Jaro Vaľko.

FOTO: Jaro Vaľko

all photosCOLD JOINT

The filmmaking of Cold Joint, bachelor film set in Ladce, my home village.

FOTO: Juraj Ištvaník

all photosECCE-HOMO

Pictures that gave rise to a short one-minute film awarded at the 2009 AZYL Film Festival section of one-minute films. The photos above have been released in print by the Czech Digi. To download the film click here or go to

FOTO: Miro Remo