LOMOGRAPHY magazine, 25.2.2012

Film-making Q&A With Miro Remo

For Miro Remo, the love for filmmaking runs in the blood. He is a Slovak filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California whose 3 student films were shown in many festivals around the world. His latest film, Arsy-Versy, is the most successful film in the University of Performing Arts in Bratislava, earning 34 international and domestic awards! And if that's not cool enough, he used a LomoKino camera for the band Swan Bride's music video.

Hi, Miro! What’s keeping you busy these days?

We are working on several movies at same time, it´s very complicated to acquire all needed funds for the one big project. The present documentary directors usually have three or more film´s projects inside their heads. But the most important for me is the story from the hardest, the most guarded prison here in Slovakia. Film called Comeback about the reintegration of prisoners after long punishment, a long time behind the walls. This in comparison with a life of young slovak journalist. Girl who is interested in this topic in her job. She works for Slovak national radio and her life is one big comeback also.

Miro Remo - Lomography

Who/what inspired you to take up Directing (or Filmmaking?)

My father was independent filmmaker. My uncle also. They shot on 8mm camera short stories with the lot of local festival´s succes. I was inspirated by movies of their both. My best movie, Arsy-Versy, most awarded film in history of slovak short films with 36 awards from festivals is the story from my family. About my uncle who escaped from this World of daily routines, everyday´s work somewhere in the factory. He is only fascinated by nature. Nature is the answer to the question of being here. This story has also the opposite side. His mother who is afraid about his future is too old and her son doesn´t have the money for future. She absolutelly supports his. Lubos try to find animals which behavior is in the symbiosis with him. The bats, upside-down animals. I found my family during the moviemaking.

How was it like using a LomoKino?

Very funny, without any fear from the responsibility opposite to the big profesional project. Lomokino is the openminded machine. Its someting like the 8 mm film. There is a lot of enthusiasm inside and the pictures are really good. I hope that sometimes the Lomo develops the Lomokino professional version with better construction and lens, adjustable aperture and possibility to change the speed of taking pictures. It can be a very nice camera for making music videos or sequences for the documentaries. Film is magic, never die.

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Written by: shhquiet
Photo by: Miro Remo